Friday, August 24, 1990

U.S. wins grudging Soviet consent to UN resolution allowing naval forces to enforce blockade of Iraq; consent clears way for Sec. Council vote on 8/25 (cf. 8/25) [LAT 8/25].

Pres. Gorbachev sends to Saddam message warning that Iraq's failure to head UN resolution ordering Iraq out of Kuwait will "prompt the Sec. Council to take corresponding additional measures" [NYT, LAT, WP 8/25]; but Gorbachev complies with Iraqi order to close Soviet embassy in Kuwait [LAT 8/25].

Iraqi troops surround foreign missions in Kuwait, including U.S. and British embassies; troops detain U.S. embassy personnel [LAT 8/25, 8/26].

Egypt announces it will keep its Kuwaiti embassy and consulate open, despite Iraq's order to close missions by midnight [CDS, MENA 8/24 in FBIS 8/27].

Jordan reopens its border with Iraq at al-Ruwayshid after 40-hour "formal closure" to catch up on backlog of some 200,000 refugees since 8/7 [LAT, WP 8/25; JTE 8/25 in FBIS 8/27; MET 9/4].

Islamic Dawn Organization frees hostage Brian Kennan, a teacher with dual Irish-British nationality, held in Lebanon for over 4 years [AFP 8/24, DDS 8/25 in FBIS 8/27; NYT, WP 8/25].