Saturday, August 25, 1990

UN Sec. Council votes 13-0, with Cuba and Yemen abstaining, to give U.S. and other nations right to enforce embargo by halting shipping to and from Iraq. Resolution does not contain explicit authorization for use of "minimal force," but U.S. ambassador to UN Thomas Pickering says resolution is "sufficiently broad to use armed force-indeed, minimum force-depending upon the circumstances" [NYT, WP 8/26; CSM, MEM 8/27; MET 9/4].

Iraqi authorities cut electrical power to U.S. embassy in Kuwait [WP 8/26]. Iraq's leadership says sheltering of foreigners with the aim of hiding them from authorities may be punishable by death [INA 8/25 in FBIS 8/27].

Yasir Arafat arrives in Amman, speaks with King Hussein on Gulf crisis [INA 8/25 in FBIS 8/27].