Wednesday, September 5, 1990

Speaking before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sec. Baker tones down 9/4 suggestion of NATO-style security arrangement, which had touched off controversy, by saying "any such arrangement would have to fit regional realities. We have no particular model, such as NATO, in mind" [WP 9/6; FJ 9/10].

Britain agrees to contribute to U.S.-sponsored fund to aid Middle East countries hurt by the trade embargo against Iraq [LAT 9/6], while West German gov't decides not to supply funds for multinational force in Gulf, but will offer use of planes and ships to transport troops to the region [WP 9/5].

Iraqi F.M. Aziz meets with Pres. Gorbachev in Moscow over Gulf crisis amid signs Moscow is losing patience over Iraq's refusal to leave Kuwait [NYT, LAT, WT, WP 9/6; MET 9/18].

State Dep't reports U.S. citizen is shot and wounded trying to evade capture by Iraqi troops in Kuwait City [LAT, WT, WP 9/6; MET 9/18].

Bush admin. offers to mount international effort to provide economic aid to USSR in return for Moscow's pulling its military advisers out of Iraq and agreeing to join multinational force in Middle East [LAT 9/6].

Israeli and American sources report F.M. David Levy, visiting Washington for talks with Sec. Baker, asks Bush admin. to forgive Israel's $4.5 billion military debt and dramatically increase military aid [WT 9/6; JDS 9/6 in FBIS 9/6; JPI 9/15; MET 9/18]; Baker and Levy say U.S. and Israel will work to establish "credible" Arab-Israeli peace process to demonstrate alternative to Saddam Hussein [NYT 9/6].

King Hussein meets with British for. sec. Hurd in Amman [JTE 9/6 in FBIS 9/6], then flies to Baghdad to discuss Gulf crisis with Saddam [BADS 9/5 in FBIS 9/6; CSM 9/7].

Jerusalem Post reports 195,000 elementary school children begin year's studies in West Bank. Intermediate and high schools will open in stages over next 2 weeks [JPD 9/6 in FBIS 9/7].