Thursday, September 13, 1990

Israeli cabinet unanimously approves new tax package designed to raise $450 million to pay for absorption of Soviet Jewish immigrants [NYT, MEM 9/14].

Meanwhile Ariel Sharon ends week-long visit to Moscow to discuss arrangements with Soviet firm to build pre-fabricated housing in Israel [MEM 9/14].

Greek ambassador to Israel presents credentials; Greece is last member of the EC to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel [MEM 9/14].

Western diplomats in Damascus say Syria has agreed to send 10,000 additional troops and 300 tanks to Saudi Arabia [NYT 9/14].

PLO Chrmn. Arafat arrives unexpectedly in Baghdad, meets with F.M. Tarik Aziz [WT 9/14; MET 9/25].

UN Sec. Council approves shipment of food through UN blockade of Iraq and Kuwait in humanitarian cases provided food is distributed through UN and similar bodies (13 members for, Cuba and Yemen against) [MEM 9/14; MET 9/25].