Sunday, September 30, 1990

Saddam says Iraq will seek to open "debate" with France over Gulf crisis; action seen as response to Pres. Mitterrand's speech to UN on 9/24 [NYT, LAT, WP 10/1].

Israeli F.M. Levy and Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze, after talks at UN in New York, announce restoration of full consular ties and resumption of direct air links between USSR and Israel [MEM, LAT 10/1; MET 10/9].

Jordan threatens to restrict flow of foreigners fleeing Iraq into Jordan unless it re- ceives more international aid. Officials report more than 600,000 refugees have crossed into Jordan from Iraq since invasion began [LAT 10/1].

U.S. Congress votes to give Egypt 3-month exemption from law that would bar it from further military aid because it is behind in debt payments [MEM 10/1].

PLO leader Arafat meets in Tunis with Soviet ambassador to Tunisia to discuss Gulf crisis [AVP 9/30 in FBIS 10/1].

Nearly 2,000 French soldiers arrive at Yanbu; total French deployment in Saudi Arabia is now about 3,000 with an additional 1,000 troops expected within the week [AFP 9/30 in FBIS 10/1].

Saudi D.M. Prince Sultan warns Israel to stay out of Gulf crisis, says if Israel and Saudi Arabia found themselves at war with Iraq, Saudi Arabia would fight in isolation and would not allow Israel to come to its defense [WP 10/1].

Saudi Arabia refuses entry to Jordanian trucks carrying produce and meat for Gulf states (cf. 10/1, 10/2) [MEM 10/21].