Tuesday, October 23, 1990

Bush admin. says it is considering expanding U.S. military forces in Gulf behind the 240,000 troops and other personnel already there. "I am more determined than ever to see that this invading dictator gets out of Kuwait with no compromise of any kind whatsoever," says Pres. Bush (cf. 10/25) [NYT, LAT, WP 10/24].

Pres. Bush sends personal letter to P.M. Shamir urging Israel to accept UN envoy and stating intention not to pursue debate about E. Jerusalem housing; Shamir rejects appeal [MEM, WP 10/25].

Israeli gov't announces it is sealing off O.T. for several days, forbidding Palestinians to enter Israel because of widespread violence. 3 separate incidents of stabbings, beatings, and shootings leaves 1 Palestinian dead, 3 Palestinians and 3 Israelis wounded (cf. 10/28) [JDS 10/23 in FBIS 10/23; NYT, LAT, WP, WT, MEM 10/24; WT 10/25].

Three Gulf states - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE - decide to cancel Egypt's debts totaling nearly $7 billion [MENA 10/24 in FBIS 10/25].