Saturday, November 3, 1990

Sec. of State Baker leaves for Gulf and Europe to lay groundwork for new UN Sec. Council resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq and to ask allies under what conditions would they support military action [WP, NYT 11/4].

IDF shoots dead Gaza Palestinian, injures at least 61 others as soldiers use tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition to break up demonstration in Bayt Hanoun that erupted after news that Palestinian activist had died in detention [WP, NYT 11/4; JPD 11/4 in FBIS 11/6; LAT 11/5].

For 2d time in as many weeks, Iraqi officials hint that they might release all hostages in return for guarantee Iraq would not be attacked; guarantee to come from at least 2 of the following states: China, France, USSR, Germany, and Japan [INA 11/3 in FBIS 11/6; WP, NYT 11/4].

Iraqi F.M. Aziz arrives in Amman for meeting with King Hussein [INA 11/3 in FBIS 11/5].

World Bank officials say more than 1.5 million people have been displaced by the Gulf crisis [WP 11/4].

Saudi Oil Minister Hisham al-Nazir says Saudi Arabia's oil production surpassed 8.2 million b/d this past week and is expected to rise to 8.5 million b/d early next year to make up for loss of Iraqi oil [NYT 11/4].