Monday, November 5, 1990

In his new autobiography An American Life, published today, Ronald Reagan says Israel was the instigator and prime mover in Iran-contra affair; that then-P.M. Shimon Peres "was behind the proposal" [WP 11/5].

Sec. Baker and King Fahd agree to framework for command and control over American and Saudi military forces in event of war [WP 11/5, 11/6; NYT 11/5; SPA 11/5 in FBIS 11/6].

Returning to Paris from Egypt, Pres. Mitterrand meets King Hussein to discuss Gulf crisis [JTE 11/6 in FBIS 11/6].

Rabbi Meir Kahane, controversial founder of militant Jewish Defense League and Kach party, is assassinated by Egyptian-American after delivering lecture in New York City (cf. 11/6, 11/7) [WP 11/6, 11/7, 11/8; NYT 11/6].

Former W. German chancellor Willy Brandt flies to Baghdad with $4 million worth of baby food and medicine on hostage "rescue" mission that embarrasses German gov't and draws objections from European officials worried about growing number of special envoys visiting Iraq [INA 11/5 in FBIS 11/6; WP, NYT, MEM 11/6].

Twenty-four of world's wealthiest nations, joined together since September as Gulf Crisis Financial Coordination Group, pledge to give $13 billion in special aid to nations hurt worst by economic sanctions against Iraq. Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan are to receive $10.5 billion by end of 1991. Group mem-bers include U.S., Japan, and EC nations (cf. 11/9) [MEM, NYT 11/6].

P.M. Shamir's gov't survives vote of con- fidence, 57-50; vote called for by Labor and leftist parties [JDS 11/5 in FBIS 11/6; MEM 11/6].

Amal and Hizballah sign peace accord in Damascus under supervision of top Syrian and Iranian officials. Agreement apparently will end battle for supremacy in S. Lebanon [INRA, DST 11/5 in FBIS 11/6; MEM 11/6; NYT, WP 11/7].