Tuesday, November 6, 1990

In Geneva, King Hussein tells UN conference on global warming that Gulf war would result in an ecological catastrophe and death toll "beyond our wildest fears" [WP 11/7]; Hussein meets with P.M. Thatcher to discuss Gulf crisis [NYT 11/7].

Sec. Baker holds short meeting with Pres. Mubarak in Cairo to discuss Gulf crisis [MENA 11/6 in FBIS 11/6].

Pentagon announces it is considering a call-up of army combat reserve units; Def. Sec. Cheney has given permission for Marines to summon 3,000 reservists to fill out brigade [WP 11/7].

Saddam orders the release of at least 77 Japanese hostages and 31 more from Western Europe after his meetings with former Japanese P.M. Nakasone [INA 11/6 in FBIS 11/6, 11/7; WP, NYT 11/7].

Two W. Bank Palestinians are shot to death near Nablus, apparently by Israeli civilian seeking revenge for Meir Kahane's 10/5 assassination; Kahane's followers in Israel threaten more retaliatory attacks, while gov't leaders appeal for restraint. In Brooklyn, thousands of Jews attend memorial service for Kahane [JDS 11/6 in FBIS 11/6; MEM 11/6; WP 11/7].

UNIFIL troops prevent Israeli soldiers from stationing surface-to-surface missile launcher into UNIFIL's area of operations in S. Lebanon; IDF says area is in "security zone" controlled by Israel [BVL, YA 11/7 in FBIS 11/7; MEM 11/8].