Tuesday, May 22, 1990

Yitzhak Shamir warns Israeli Arabs who yesterday protested 5/20 killings that they had "passed the limit of what is allowed" [NYT 5/23]; Pres. George Bush urges Israel to use maximum restraint in dealing with renewed Palestinian protests in wake of 5/20 killings [NYT, WP, MEM 5/23]; In departure from norm, Bush sends personal condolences to families of those Palestinians killed on 5/20, 5/21 [WP 5/23].

2 Gazans are killed, at least 14 wounded in continued clashes in Gaza set off by 5/20 killings; Palestinian wounded 5/21 by settler gunfire dies [JDS 5/22 in FBIS 5/23; NYT 5/23].

UN Sec. Council announces it will convene in Geneva to allow Yasir Arafat to address the body; U.S. agrees to the change [MEM 5/23].

U.S.-based Physicians for Human Rights releases report "Health Care in Detention: A Study of Israel's Treatment of Palestinians," which concludes Israeli health professionals are not "fulfilling their obligation to prevent physical abuse" and Palestinian detainees are subjected to "unacceptable" conditions [FJ 5/28].

In E. Jerusalem, police teargas procession of some 400 representatives of Palestinian organizations (and 3 Knesset members) as they seek to deliver to U.S. consulate petition calling for international protection for Palestinians [MEM 5/22].

Socialist Intemational conference opens in Cairo, Pres. Mubarak meets with various delegates, including Shimon Peres [MENA 5/22 in FBIS 5/23; WT 5/ 23; MEM 5/24].

Yasir Arafat telephones French Pres. Francois Mitterand to condemn 5/21 attack on French tourists in Amman, and to offer condolences to farnilies of victims [SVP 5/24 in FBIS 5/25].

New York Times reports a growing frustration among Israeli Arabs that they are being excluded from Israeli society. Awad Abdel Fatah, leader of Sons of the Village party, says "Palestinians in Israel are coming more and more to feel that we are not citizens of the state. And it's because the state itself does not act in a way to make us feel part of the state" [NYT 5/23].