Wednesday, May 23, 1990

Sec. of State James Baker says U.S. "would be prepared to discuss the question of a United Nations observer team" going to O.T. when UN Sec. Council meets in Geneva on 5/25 [NYT, WP, WT, LAT 5/24; MEM 5/25].

European Community's exec. commission grants emergency aid of 500,000 ECU ($600,000) for Palestinian victims of violence in O.T. [MEM 5/24].

Israeli Maj. Gen. Matan Vilna'i, commander of Southern Command, orders stricter firing regulations in Gaza to reduce casualties; new orders give only senior commander of each sector authorization to allow firing of plastic or rubber bullets [MAA 5/24 in FBIS 5/25].

Mideast Mirror reports thousands of Palestinian workers have stayed away from their jobs since 5/20 killings, and renewal of communal tensions [MEM 5/ 23].

Pres. Bush telephones Pres. Mubarak to discuss recent events, especially Soviet Jewish emigration to Israel [MENA 5/ 23 in FBIS 5/24; MENA 5/25 in FBIS 5/ 25].

Ambassadors to Tunisia from France, Italy, and Ireland, and European Community meet with Arafat to discuss past week's violence in O.T. [KUNA 5/25 in FBIS 5/25].

General strike is observed in Lebanon; banks, other businesses, are closed in solidarity with Palestinians condemning 5/20 killings; demonstrations are held in Beirut [BDS 5/23 in FBIS 5/24].

Arab foreign ministers conclude presummit working session begun 5/22 in Baghdad, adopt agenda for 5/28 summit [INA 5/23 in FBIS 5/24].

Scattered anti-Israel demonstrations take place in and near Amman refugee camps; some 200 protestors are dispersed at Ministry of Interior [JTE 5/24, 5/25 in FBIS 5/25]; at least I person is killed, several injured [MEM 5/24].