Friday, May 25, 1990

In speech to UN Sec.Council in Geneva, Arafat urges that UN international force be sent to O.T. to protect Palestinians [NYT, LAT 5/26; RMC 5/25 in FBIS 5/29].

Socialist Intemational ends meeting in Cairo; Middle East statement for first time says establishment of Palestinian state is step toward Middle East peace. Israel's representative, Shimon Peres, does not vote [MENA 5/23 in FBIS 5/24; MEM 5/24; RPP 5/25 in FBIS 6/5].

U.S. Senate completes congressional action on bill containing $400 million in housing guarantees for Soviet Jews; no further vote is planned until admin. is satisfied money will not be used to settle immigrants beyond green line [MEM 5/25].

Gazans enter 5th day of curfew, many parts of W. Bank also remain under curfew; over 1 million Palestinians are confined to their homes [MEM 5/25].