Monday, July 9, 1990

P.M. Shamir's right-wing gov't. defeats 6 no-confidence motions by 60-51 vote with 5 abstentions. Motions were brought over housing shortage and new Jewish settler guard units in O.T. [IDF 7/ 9 in FBIS 7/10; LAT 7/10].

Influx of Jewish immigrants is causing severe housing shortage in Israel, prompting vehement complaints from Israelis who are being evicted from apartments to make room for Soviet Jews [WP 7/10].

Results of CBS News/New York Times poll taken last month are released, showing U.S. support for Israel is not as solid as it was 2 years ago. Poll reveals majority of Americans who favor sustained military aid to Israel has been reduced, and growing minority now advocates more sympathy for Palestinians; 38% of respondents say U.S. should be more sympathetic to Palestinian concerns than it is now, versus 26% in 1988; 47% of respondents support a Palestinian homeland in O.T., compared to 10% in 1988 [NYT 7/ 9; MEM 7/10; FJ 8/6].

Israeli warplanes bomb Hizballah bases in Louaize and Melita, S.Lebanon, killing 4 militia members and 8 civilians, wounding 28. Israeli gunners also trade artillery fire with Hizballah positions north of "security zone" [BDS 7/9 in FBIS 7/10; NYT, WP, LAT, WT 7/10].