Wednesday, July 25, 1990

Middle East Watch issues human rights report accusing Israel of condoning excessive force against Palestinians, although report claims IDF recently has begun to show more restraint [MEM, LAT 7/26]; IDF rejects findings, saying Israeli Supreme Court has found IDF practices to be legal [JDS 7/25 in FBIS 7/26; FJ 7/30].

Arafat meets in Tunis with EC delegation of foreign ministers from Ireland, Italy, and Luxembourg to discuss Middle East peace process [SVP 7/25 in FBIS 7/26].

Israeli and SLA artillery hits Iqlim al-Tuffah in S. Lebanon; 2 killed, 4 wounded [LAT 7/26; JDS 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; SVP 7/27 in FBIS 7/31; JPI 8/11].