Wednesday, August 1, 1990

Knesset defeats motions of no-confidence against gov't. by 60-55 margin, 4 MKs abstain and 1 is absent. Motions were brought by Labor and 3 small parties over immigrants' housing problems [JDS 8/1 in FBIS 8/2].

Washington Times reports that growing internal problems have caused USSR to cut back its Middle East role, pulling advisers out of Syria and cooling relations with PLO [WT 8/1].

5-member committee concludes arrangements for moving Arab League headquarters to Cairo; transfer to take place from October 1990 to June 1991 [MENA 8/1 in FBIS 8/2].

Israeli gunboat shoots, sinks rubber dinghy off Lebanese coast, 2 Arabs are killed; Israeli military states "terrorists" were heading towards waters off Israel's "security zone" when intercepted [JDS 8/ 1 in FBIS 8/1; WP 8/2; JPI 8/11].

10 people are killed, 50 wounded as Fateh-backed Amal forces clash with Hizballah troops in S.Lebanon [NYT 8/ 2]; intra-Palestinian fighting between 2 wings of Fateh takes place in 'Ayn al-Hulwah, S.Lebanon; at least 7 are killed [IHD 8/1 in FBIS 8/2; WT 8/2].