Thursday, August 9, 1990

UN Sec.Council unanimously declares Iraq's annexation of Kuwait "null and void" [WP, NYT 8/10].

Arab leaders postpone Cairo summit for one day to reach solution to Iraqi delegate's refusal to participate in summit with Kuwaiti delegate, saying Kuwait is part of Iraq [CDS, MENA 8/9, BVL 8/10 in FBIS 8/10; LAT, WP, NYT 8/10].

Arafat meets in Baghdad with Saddam Hussein to discuss Gulf crisis [INA 8/9 in FBIS 8/10].

P.M. Shamir sends message to Pres. Bush in effort to upgrade U.S.-Israel contacts during Gulf crisis; Ma'ariv notes that Bush has not consulted with Shamir as he has with other leaders in the region [MAA 8/10 in FBIS 8/10].

Israel successfully test-launches Arrow missile designed to intercept incoming rockets; U.S. funds 80% of Arrow program as part of Washington's SDI initiative; Arrow will not be fully operational for 5 years [DS 8/9 in FBIS 8/13; LAT, NYT, WP, WT 8/10; JPI 8/18].

Palestinian injured on 8/7 dies; he was injured as Jewish mobs avenging deaths of 2 Israeli boys overturned his car [WP 8/10]. Amal movement reports its troops attacked Israeli positions in S.Lebanon, wounding 3 [BDS 8/9 in FBIS 8/13].