Saturday, August 11, 1990

Egyptian and Moroccan forces arrive in Saudi Arabia to defend it from Iraq attack [WP 8/12].

Pro-Iraq demonstrations take place in W.Bank and Gaza; many Palestinians support Saddam Hussein [NYT 8/12]; Witnesses in Gaza City report about 200 pro-Iraq demonstrators burning tires and throwing stones [JDS 8/11 in FBIS 8/13].

Arafat meets in Cairo with Syrian Pres. Asad to discuss Gulf crisis [AFP 8/ 11 in FBIS 8/13].

PLF leader Abul Abbas issues combat orders to his forces, urging them to strike "at all U.S. interests" in the region [INA 8/11 in FBIS 8/13].

Israeli housing minister Ariel Sharon says "if the U.S. wishes to act, it should act now" against Iraq, as "a drawn out siege will slowly falter" [IDF 8/11 in FBIS 8/13].