Wednesday, February 28, 1990

Polish officials will comply with F.M. Arens's request for Poland to serve as transit point for emigrating Soviet Jews [MAA 2/28 in FBIS 3/1].

February poll conducted by Modi'in Ezrahi Research Institute indicates 60% of surveyed Israelis are in favor of settling new immigrants in O.T. [HAD 2/28 in FBIS 3/1].

P.M. Shamir, speaking before Presidents of American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, says if Israel were to leave O.T. "a Beirut-like situation" would develop [IGP 2/28 in FBIS 3/2].

Led by economics minister Yitzhak Modai, 5 Likud Knesset members announce the formation of opposition party, "The Party for the Promotion of the Zionist Idea" [NYT 3/1; JDS 2/28 in FBIS 3/1].

Yasir Arafat meets with Nelson Mandela in Lusaka; the two note they are fighting common struggle against imperialism and racism [SVP 3/1 in FBIS 3/ 2].

W. Bank Civil Admin. allows 3 religious colleges/seminaries toreopen [JDS 2/28 in FBIS 2/28].

Arabs in E. Jerusalem and Gaza Strip hold general strike to protest Israel's continued closure of Palestinian universities [MET 3/13-19].