Saturday, March 3, 1990

In California, Pres. Bush states "My position is that the foreign policy of the United Statesays we do not believe there should be new settlements in the West Bank or in East Jerusalem" [WP 3/6].

Shamir discusses Mideast peace process with Likud ministers amid reports he has decided to support U.S.-backed plan to convene Israeli-Palestinian talks in Cairo [WP 3/4].

Israel is requesting more than $1 billion in loans, gifts, and donations from American Jews and U.S. gov't. to help pay for resettling Soviet Jews [NYT 3/3].

Hamas has sent letter to Chrmn. Arafat and PLO leadership, stating Palestinian state is objective of intifada; Hamas also urged PLO to discontinue contacts with U.S. [BAY 3/3 in FBIS 3/5].

King Hussein spends day in Iraq holding talks with Pres. Saddam Hussein [ADS, ATS 3/3 in FBIS 3/5].