Wednesday, March 7, 1990

Israel's Cabinet opens debate on U.S.- backed formula for Israeli-Palestinian talks, but puts off any decision until 3/11 to allow for behind-the-scenes bargaining between Likud and Labor [NYT, WP, LAT, WT 3/8].

About 2,000 right-wing Israelis demonstrate in Jerusalem's Menora Square calling on P.M. Shamir to reject Sec. Baker's 5-point proposal [JDS 3/7 in FBIS 3/8].

Survey of 1,006 Israelis conducted for Israel-Diaspora Institute shows more than half believe army, when investigating Palestinian activities, should be allowed to use tactics that would be illegal if used against Jews. More than half also say they believe press should be prohibited from writing about or photographing mistreatment of Arabs by soldiers [NYT 3/8].

Examination of E. Jerusalem newspapers Al-Sha'b and Al-Bayadir Al-Siyasi by Israeli human rights group B'Tselem reveals Israeli military censor has partially or fully banned more than 1/3 of items presented [HAA 3/7 in FBIS 3/8].

Washington Post reports recent stands by Bush admin., in particular Baker's 3/1 statement tying U.S. loans with Israel stopping O.T. settlement, having increased Washington's standing with Palestinians. Unnamed PLO advisor is quoted as saying PLO has "really felt the sincerity of the U.S. position" [WP 3/8].

In Paris for meetings with Pres. Francois Mitterrand, King Hussein expresses dissatisfaction with Israeli and PLO "intransigence" [JDS 3/7 in FBIS 3/7].