Thursday, March 8, 1990

Israeli housing minister David Levy calls for building 2,000 new W. Bank apartments this year to house Jewish immigrants (cf. 3/12) [WT 3/9].

Ruth Kaminker of Jerusalem's City Planning Board says city gov't. has plans to build new Jewish neighborhood in Mount Homa area of E. Jerusalem, despite U.S. opposition [WT 3/9].

In interview with Le Figaro, King Hussein blames U.S. for helping facilitate Soviet Jewish emigration to Israel [ADS 3/8 in FBIS 3/9].

Pres. Asad denounces political changes in E. Europe as beneficial to Israel [NYT, WP 3/9]; says U.S. is encouraging Soviet Jewish emigration, pledges to continue war against Israel "for as long as time" (cf. 3/9) [LAT 3/10].

Attacking what he calls Arafat's "strategy of compromise," PFLP leader George Habash calls for "mobilizing all our energies" to foil proposed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations [NYT 3/9].

Hamas issues statement explaining it does not intend to join national leadership in O.T., nor any Palestinian-Israeli dialogue; says it is not part of PLO, therefore PNC resolutions are not binding on Hamas [JTS 3/8 in FBIS 3/12].

PLO advisor Nabil Sha'ath says it is important the U.S.-PLO dialogue continue, and that PLO keep all channels open [RAY 3/9 in FBIS 3/9].

Pentagon officials say U.S. will sell to Israel (at a cost of over $200 million) sophisticated new weapons system capable of shooting down tactical ballistic missiles [LAT 3/9].

Israeli forces outside self-imposed "security zone" in S. Lebanon shoot dead 5 Arabs, allegedly members of Hizballah [IDF 3/8 in FBIS 3/8; NYT, LAT 3/9].