Thursday, May 3, 1990

IDF places 160,000 Palestinians of Nablus under curfew so 150 Jewish settlers and Knesset members can dedicate Torah for seminary in Nablus [WP, LAT, WT 5/ 4].

Former D.M. Yitzhak Rabin publicly challenges Shimon Peres's Labor party leadership, says he could better lead Israel to peace with Palestinians [WP 5/ 4].

Army-commissioned poll published in IDF Weekly reveals about 30% of Israelis surveyed lack full faith in army announcements and in ethical behavior of soldiers [WT 5/4].

On final day in Damascus, Pres. Mubarak says he believes Yitzhak Shamir does not wish to settle Palestine problem and this could lead to "much more destructive situation." Mubarak calls on U.S. to pressure Israel into negotiations [WP 5/4]; Washington Times reports Mubarak leaves Syria emptyhanded, failing to bring Syria out of its isolationist stance [WT 5/4].

Israel and Bulgaria restore diplomatic relations after 23-year break, sign agreement over air transportation, tourism, communications [NYT, WP, WT, LAT 5/ 4].

Visiting New York, Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek calls occupation of St. John's Hospice by Jewish settlers a"great stupidity" and "a major setback" to interreligious relations in Israel [NYT 5/6].