Thursday, January 11, 1990


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli D.M. Rabin leaves for Washington and meetings with Baker [FBIS 1/12; MET 1/23].

Military reopens all Gaza Strip schools except al-Tuffah secondary school, 4 days earlier than anticipated [FJ 1/22].

Arab World: Egypt and USSR sign trade agreement increasing volume of trade between the 2 nations [FBIS 1/12].

Military Action

Arab World: Abu Fadi, PLO commander of Fateh force located near Sidon, Lebanon threatens to retaliate against Lebanese Shi'a Muslim militiamen for overnight clash in which a Fateh commando is killed, 3 others wounded [FBIS 1/11; NYT 1/12; MET 1/23].

Israeli army reinforces positions in S. Lebanon "security zone" with additional troops. Fateh has also reinforced positions due to increased hostilities between Hizballah and Amal [FBIS 1/12].