Sunday, January 21, 1990


Arab World: PLO member Salah Khalaf tells reporters U.S.-PLO dialogue has reached a"dead end;" says PLO concessions have not brought any results [FBIS 1/22].

Davar reports that Fateh members in Lebanon have exposed anetwork of spies for Israel, according to Palestinian sources in Cairo. The spies worked in S. Lebanon, marking militia bases for the Israeli Air Force [FBIS 1/23].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Molotov cocktail is thrown at Israeli bus in al-Bireh, 1 person is injured [FJ 1/19].

At least 8 Palestinians are wounded in clashes with IDF troops throughout O.T. [FJ 1/29]; including a 6-year-old shot in the head by a plastic bullet [FBIS 1/23].

Arab World: In Yaroun, Lebanon, in the Israeli "security zone" Arabs barricaded in a house exchange fire with Israeli troops. 4 Arabs and Israeli Colonel, Yitzhak Ramihov, are killed [FBIS 1/22; NYT 1/23; FJ 1/29; JP 2/3].

Egyptian police officers in Asyut open fire on Muslim fundamentalist demonstrators demanding the arrest of Zaki Badr, hard-line Interior Minister dismissed 1/12. One person is killed, police arrest 12 [NYT 1/24].