Monday, February 5, 1990


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: Israeli officials say they are satisfied with Egyptian reaction to 2/4 bus attack, will not shift diplomatic course away from Cairo. [NYT, WP 2/6; MET 2/13].

PLO supporters in the O.T., including Sari Nusaybah, denounce 2/4 bus attack, say such attacks do not serve Palestinian interests and that the PLO is not responsible [FBIS 2/6].

Arab World: Islamic Jihad movement claims responsibility for 2/4 bus attack north of Cairo [LAT, NYT 2/6].

Egyptian officials express shock and embarrassment a2/4 bus attack, pledge to pursue peace efforts with Israel [WP 2/ 6].

Arab League, meeting in Tunis, decides to send 60-member high-level delegation to Washington, Moscow, and Dublin to argue that increased Soviet immigration to Israel will increase tensions and reduce the prospects for peace [NYT 2/8].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF closes boys secondary school in Baytunia [FJ 2/12].

15-year-old Palestinian dies after fall while fleeing IDF troops [FBIS 2/6; FJ 2/ 12].

Palestinians kill 3 people suspected of collaborating with Israeli officials [FBIS 2/7; MET 2/13].