Monday, August 28, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Rabbi Moshe Levinger, afounder of Gush Emunim and indicted for the murder of a Palestinian merchant, demonstrates in front of the E. Jerusalem house of Faisal Husayni, calling for Husayni to be tried in his place [NYT, LAT 8/29; MET 9/5].

Arab World: Arab League UN representative Clovis Maksoud says that Arab countries will call for transferring General Assembly meetings to Geneva if Washington refuses to grant Arafat an entry visa [FBIS 8/29].

Other Countries: U.S. Consulate says there were 10,588 U.S. tourist-visa applications from Palestinians during the first six months of 1989 and 1,499 applications for permanent immigration visas. 48,500 Israelis applied for tourist visas during the first five months of 1989 [NYT 8/29].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In overnight skirmish, Israeli police in Beit Safafa shoot, kill 20-year-old Palestinian, then attempt to break up a memorial procession for him. 4 officers are wounded, as well as an Israeli cameraman who is shot with a rubber bullet. 23-year-old Palestinian dies of gunshot wounds received last week in Gaza Strip [NYT 8/29; MET 9/5].