Monday, June 5, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel's attorney general orders investigation into whether Ariel's order that Palestinian workers wear special identification badges incites racism [NYT 6/6]. President Herzog reduces sentences of 3 members of Jewish underground; originally sentenced to life in prison, they will most likely serve 7 years for murdering 3 Palestinians, wounding 30 [FBIS 6/6]. General strike observes 22nd anniversary of 1967 war [FBIS 6/5].

Other Countries: Labib al-Tarazi, PLO envoy to UN, meets with U. S. ambassador to UN Thomas Pickering. Pickering says that he met with PLO representative in role of president of Security Council for June, not as U.S. representative [FBIS 6/8].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel carries out "initiated operation" in Bayta, wounds 2 Palestinians [FBIS 6/5]. In O.T. at least 10 Palestinians are injured during clashes with troops [FBIS 6/5].