Saturday, February 18, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: O.T.'s trade deficit with Israel is cut by 66% in 1988, according to Bank of Israel UP 2/18]. Curfew is imposed on Tulkarm. Israel lifts night curfew imposed on Gaza Strip in order to allow workers to leave Gaza during upcoming 3-day strike [FBIS 2/21]. Tourism in Israel drops 14% in 1988 [NYT 2/19].

Arab World: Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze meets with Syrian pres. Asad [NYT, WP 2/19]. 50 intemational delegations meet in Sanaa, N. Yemen for conference sponsored by Yemeni Council for Peace and Solidarity to discuss Palestinian uprising, nuclear weapons, development, security [AYA 2/27]. Faruq al-Qaddumi meets with U.A.E. pres. Nuhayyan [FBIS 2/23].

Military Action Occupied Palestine/Israel: 14-year-old Palestinian from Rafah dies from wounds received 2/13 [FJ 2/27]. In E. Jerusalem 21-year-old Israeli is stabbed, killed by Palestinian [FBIS 2/21, FJ 2/27]. At least 6 Palestinians are wounded by Israeli troops on W. Bank [FJ 2/27].

Arab World: Israel shells UN peacekeeping patrol in Israeli-imposed security belt in S. Lebanon; 2 Norwegian soldiers are wounded [FBIS 2/21, MET 2/28].