Wednesday, March 15, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Settlers erect 3 prefabricated houses on W. Bank hilltop near Ramallah [NYT 3/16]. Israel, World Zionist Organization say they do not have money to pay for settlement; Gush Emunim declares that it will finance settlement UP 3/25].

Other Countries: Sec. of State James Baker states Israel may have to talk to the PLO [FJ 3/20].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Near Rafah 2 Palestinians cross border, attack IDF positions; the guerrillas are injured, there are no Israeli injuries [FBIS 3/15, WP 3/16]. At least 13 Palestinians are wounded during clashes with Israeli troops in O.T. [FBIS 3/16, FJ 3/20].