Monday, April 3, 1989


Arab World: King Hussein of Jordan arrives in Baghdad to discuss international affairs with Iraqi pres. Saddam Husayn. Jordan lifts ban on importation of olive oil from O.T.; decision was made after Jordanian farmers sold their olive crops [MET 4/11].

Other Countries: Pres. Bush declares he envisions Middle East peace that would entail "end of the occupation [of the West Bank and Gaza Strip] and achievement of Palestinian political rights" [WP 4/8], that "a properly structured international conference could play a useful role" in Middle East peace process [WSJ, LAT 4/4].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers shoot, kill 20-year-old Palestinian at Am'ari refugee camp [NYT 4/4, FJ 4/10]. In Jenin troops raid village; clinics treat at least 10 Palestinians for injuries. In Khan Yunis collaborator is stabbed; troopshoot, injure 4 Palestinians running roadblock taking collaborator to hospital [FJ 4/3].

Arab World: Iraq says that it is not developing nuclear weapons and that it will retaliate if Israel strikes Iraqi targets [WP 4/4].