Friday, April 7, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinians observe general strike in O.T. [FBIS 4/10].

Other Countries: President Bush reiterates opinion that "that the provisions of Security Council resolution 242 and 338 have not been fulfilled. The territory that has been ceded for peace [the Sinai] is not the end. It simply isn't" [LAT 4/8]. ABC-Washington Post poll indicates that majority of Americans believe that Israel should negotiate directly with PLO and that peace in Middle East is unattainable without such talks [WP 4/7].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Following Friday prayers large demonstration erupts at al-Aqsa mosque; 4 Palestinian are injured, 37 are arrested, 8 Israelis are injured. At least 10 Palestinians are injured in West Bank. In Khan Yunis soldiers open fire, injuring 2 Palestinians [FJ 4/10]. Members of group of progressive Jewish women praying at Westem Wall are punched, bitten by group of ultra-orthodox women [LAT 4/8].