Saturday, October 22, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Curfews are imposed on Nusayrat camp and parts of Gaza City [FJ 10/30].

Other Countries: Jordan's King Hussein, PLO chairman Yasir Arafat, and Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak meet in Aqaba. An aide to Mubarak states the meeting was to "let him [the Israeli voter] know when he casts his vote that there is an Arab partner ready for negotiations" [NYT 10/23]. Arafat, Hussein agree in principle to a Jordanian-PLO confederation [LAT 10/24].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Demonstrations erupt throughout the occupied territories leaving 12 people injured [FJ 10/30].

Arab World: Israeli soldier dies from wounds received during a car bombing on 10/19 [NYT 10/24].