Tuesday, November 15, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Police ban gatherings of 10 or more in E. Jerusalem, threaten Palestinians that if they display the Palestinian flag they can receive 5 years in jail, $10,000 fine. Curfew for the Gaza Strip enters 4th day. Closure of W. Bank schools is extended until end of November. Army cuts off electricity in Hebron and Nablus [WP 11/16].

Arab World: In Algiers PNC proclaims Palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital, accepts UN Resolution 242, and calls for "peaceful coexistence with all people for a durable and lasting peace" and for the convening of international peace conference [WP 11/16]. Several Arab countries recognize the State of Palestine - Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, North Yemen, South Yemen, Mauritania [NYT 11/16].

Other Countries: Turkey and Malaysia recognize the State of Palestine [WP 11/16].