Tuesday, May 24, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In order to show "Jewish presence" MKs Dov Shilansky and Ovadiya Eli tour Temple Mount [WT 5/25, FJ 5/29]. It is announced that an Israeli consular delegation will visit the Soviet Union for the first time in 21 years. [WP 5/25].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Burayj Palestinian man is shot dead by Israeli troops. A curfew is imposed, 30 people arrested in 'Anabta. One person is shot in Bayt Furik. During demonstrations in Gaza 39 people are injured [FJ 5/29].

Arab World: Large contingent of Israeli forces moves into central sector of Israeli iimposed "security zone" in S. Lebanon to stop "terrorists" from crossing the border. UN spokesman claims Israeli troops in southem Lebanon fired on UNIFIL armored car with rifles and artillery. Three Syrian soldiers are killed while manning a check point near Shatila [WT 5/25]. Israel expels 15 Lebanese from S. Lebanon for refusing to cooperate with newly formed "civil administration" [FJ5/29].