Saturday, May 28, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Peace Now holds rally in Huwara on the W. Bank, attended by some 2,000 Israelis, but officials ruled Arabs could not attend [NYT 5/28]. In Nablus a total strike is observed [FJ 6/5].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Ramallah, Bethlehem, and throughout the Gaza Strip Palestinians clash with Israeli troops. In Beach camp troops seal a number of houses [FJ 6/5]. Moshe Levinger, leader of Gush Emunim, enters a Palestinian home in Hebron, assaults 5-year-old girl [FJ 6/5].

Arab World: Syria deploys forces in Beirut's southern suburbs in order to halt 3-week-old battle between Amal and Hizballah [WP 5/28].