Friday, June 24, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: The Israeli High Court of Justice releases a Palestinian held without trial. It is the first such release; there are 2,500 Palestinians being held without trial. [NYT 6/25]. Israeli authorities seize 1100 dunums of land north of Ramallah [FJ 7/10].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Demonstrations in the West Bank leave 14 Arabs and 3 Israelis injured. In Nablus settlers open fire on Arab demonstrators wounding 13; Nablus is put under curfew. In Hebron a Palestinian stabs a Jewish settler, is then shot by the settler; Hebron is put under curfew [WP 6/25, FJ 6/26]. Military officials lift the curfew on Beach camp for the firstime in 15 days; the curfew is reimposed after 2 hours [FJ 6/26].

Arab World: Fighting in the Palestinian refugee camps near Beirut continues with 10 people killed, 34 wounded. Since 1 May 112 people have been killed, 502 injured in battles between Arafat loyalists and Fateh-Uprising dissidents [WP 6/25].