Thursday, February 18, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Commercial strike continues in occupied territories; W. Bank shops open for 3 hours [FJ 2/21]. Israel closes Tariq al-Sharara, Hebrew-Arabic newspaper published by Nitzotz/al-Sharara Organization inside the green line [FJ 2/21]. Shin Bet agent is charged with causing death of 'Awad Hamdan while in Jenin prison [LAT 2/19]. Israel imposes new economic restrictions on Palestinians in occupied territories: Palestinians will be required to prove they have paid their taxes before traveling abroad or importing or exporting goods, and transactions of $1,000 or more must be registered [LAT 2/19]. British Labor party leader Neil Kinnock visits Gaza Strip refugee camps, describes strip as "vast slum," and accuses Israeli soldiers of using excessive force [NYT 2/19].

Arab World: Egypt requests death sentence in absentia for Khalid 'Abd al-Nasir, son of late Pres. Gamal 'Abd al-Nasir and accused leader of Egypt's Revolution, in connection with 1984-86 attacks on Israeli and U.S. diplomats. Nasir is believed to be in Yugoslavia [WP 2/18].

Other Countries: At UN, Arab representatives formally request emergency session of Gen. Assembly to discuss U.S. plan to close PLO observer mission [NYT 2/19].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Soldiers break windows and fire tear gas during raid of Shu'fat camp. Clashes are reported in Duhayshah camp, Nablus, Jenin, and Gaza City. Al-Quds reports IDF has begun using new plastic clubs that are less likely to break than wooden clubs [FJ 2/2 1]. Curfews are in effect in Qalqiliyyah, Bayt Ur al-Tahta, Idna, and Balatah, Am'ari, Jalazun, Beach, and Tulkarm camps. Entrances to Ramallah-area village of Kafr Malik are closed [FJ 2/21].