Sunday, February 28, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Following inner cabinet meeting, 3 Likud ministers call for barring media from W. Bank and Gaza Strip [LAT 2/29]. In Tel Aviv, Sec. of State Shultz meets separately with P.M. Shamir and F.M. Peres [WP 2/29]. Group of 300-400 Israeli Arabs and Jews begins march from Lebanese border to Jerusalem in call for end to occupation of W. Bank, Gaza Strip; march is organized by group called "Red Line" [NYT 3/1].

Arab World: Sec. Shultz holds 3 hours of talks with Egypt's Pres. Husni Mubarak in Cairo [CSM 2/29]. Mubarak voices support for Shultz plan [WP 2/29].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jewish settlers from Neve Zuf join IDF forces against stonethrowing Palestinian protesters in 'Abbud village, near Ramallah; 2 Palestinians are shot dead; settler is arrested in connection with the shootings [WP 2/29; FJ 3/6]. Army intervenes after settlers from Tekon and el-David settlements open fire in Bethlehem-area village of Faradis [FJ 3/6].

Arab World: Off coast of Tyre, Israeli gunboat attacks small boat, killing 2; 3 others escape. Reports from Lebanon indicate the 5 were Fateh fighters en route to attack Nahariya military base [WP 2/29].