Tuesday, March 29, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Israeli television interview, Def. Min. Rabin reveals more than 1,000 Palestinian activists have been arrested in past week, bringing total number of Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons to at least 4,400 [WP 3/30; LAT 4/1].

Other Countries: Richard Schifter, U.S. asst. sec. of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs, defends Irael's use of force in occupied territories. Amnesty International cls on Israel to insure Palestinian human rights during 3-day sealing off of territories [WP 3/30].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Army reports violent clash between soldiers and Palestinians in village of Zaytand Tulkarm; about 20 Palestinians are injured by live ammunition, rubber bullets, and tear gas [WP 3/30; FJ 4/3]. Soldiers and protesters clash in Am'ari and Qalandiya camps [FJ 4/3]. Curfews are in force in Jenin camp, nearby Qabatiyyah village, Qalqiliyyah, Zayta, 'Askar camp, and Jalazun camp [FJ 4/3]. Curfew in Gaza Strip is lifted for 1 hour. W. Bank residents are restricted to own communities [WP 3/30].