Tuesday, January 12, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli troops declare Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp a closed military zone, deny UN Undersec. Gen. Marrack Goulding entrance. Goulding decides not to enter Maghazi camp because of demonstration atcamp entrance. Lawyers for 4 W. Bank Palestinians scheduled to be deported announce their clients have dropped their appeals [WP 1/13]. General strike continues in most parts of W. Bank, E. Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip [FJ 1/17]. Housing Min. David Levi attends ceremony marking establishment of Lifna, new settlement near Hebron [FJ 1/17]. Israeli authorities demolish 12 houses in Gaza Strip's Nusayrat camp [FJ 1/17].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Rafah, 1 Palestinian is shot, killed, at least 3 others wounded when they allegedly try to stab an Israeli soldier; part of Rafah, 6 Gaza refugee camps and 4 W. Bank camps (Jalazun, Camp No. 1, 'Askar, and Tulkarm) are placed under curfew [NYT, WP 1/13]. Al-Fajr reports 'Ayn Bayt al-Ma', old and new 'Askar, and 'Arrub camps, as well as old city of Nablus are also under curfew [FJ 1/17]. In Rafah, military drops tear gas bombs into houses from helicopters, declares town closed military zone. Violent demonstrations are also reported at Jabalya, where several Palestinians are reported injured. Israel sends more troops into Gaza. At least 4 Palestinians are injured by Israeli gunfire during demonstration in Nablus. In Ramallah-district village of 'Ayn Yabrud, soldiers use live ammunition to disperse hundreds of demonstrators protesting killing of youth in Baytin 1/11 by settlers; at least 1 is injured [FJ 1/17].