Tuesday, January 26, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Commercial strike continues in E. Jerusalem. Stores open in Gaza City [WP 1/27]. Shopowners heed call of Unified National Command for the Uprising in the Occupied Territories, strike in many W. Bank cities and towns [LAT 1/27]. Trials of Gazans arrested during uprising slow to "standstill" as scores of defendants demand full hearings [FBIS 1/27]. Moshe 'Amirav leaves Herut Movement after being removed from its central com. [FBIS 1/27]. Israeli authorities order al-Fajr's Gaza office closed for 1 year [FJ 1/3 1]. Hebron U. reopens after 1-month military-ordered closure [FJ 1/31].

Arab World: In Beirut, Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine says fate of 4 Beirut University College professors it is holding hostage is linked to Israeli arrests of Palestinians inoccupied territories [WP 1/27].

Other Countries: U.S. State Dept. announces Sec. of State Shultz will meet with al-Fajr editor Hanna Siniora and Gaza attorney Fayiz Abu Rahmah. Egypt's Pres. Husni Mubarak arrives in Washington for 3-day official visit. Elyakim Rubinstein, Israeli cabinet sec., holds talks with Charles Hill, aide to Sec. of State Shultz [NYT 1/27].

Military Action Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli troops open fire on demonstrators in Gaza Strip's Jenin refugee camp, wounding 1. Curfew on Jabalya is lifted but reimposed after crowds throw Molotov cocktails at Israeli patrol [WP 1/27; FJ 1/31]. In the West Bank, military imposes curfews on village of Qabatiyyah and Jenin camp following violent demonstrations. Curfews imposed on Tulkarm and Bayt 'Ur al-Tahta are lifted; military lifts curfew on Balata, declares camp closed military zone. Sa'ir village remains under siege and nearby village of al-Shuyukh is also blockaded. Israeli troops use rubber bullets to disperse stone-throwing crowd in Jalazun refugee camp, injuring 1; another Jalazun resident is severely beaten. Curfew is imposed on camp. Demonstrations are also reported in al-Birah and Ramallah [FJ 1/31].

Arab World: Israeli warplanes stage mock raids over Sidon, drawing anti-aircraft fire [FBIS 1/27].