Monday, February 1, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Bethlehem U. reopens after 3-month military-ordered closure and immediately receives new closure order [NYT 2/4]. Hebron Polytechnic Institute and Hebron U. are closed indefinitely. Israel postpones indefinitely reopening of schools in Nablus, Jenin, and Tulkarm [FJ 2/7]. In Nazareth, 50 Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Jewish leaders condemn Israeli measures in occupied territories, express support for uprising [FJ 2/7].

Arab World: Lebanese Shi'i coalition Islamic Resistance Front threatens to kill Israeli soldier held captive for 2 years [WP 2/2].

Other Countries: U.S. envoy Philip Habib meets with Egypt's Pres. Mubarak in Paris before returning to Washington [WSJ 2/2]. U.S. vetos UN Security Council resolution setting forth UN role in Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations and calling on Israel to abide by Geneva Convention terms [WP 2/2]. In Rome, Jordan's King Hussein visits with Pope John Paul II, meets with Egyptian F. M. 'Ismat 'Abd al-Magid [NYT 2/2].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In village of 'Anabta near Tulkarm, stone-throwing Palestinians attack army bus, settlers' cars, and police vehicle after blockading road. Israeli fires on demonstrators, killing 2, wounding 1. Officials are uncertain whether shots were fired by soldiers or settlers. Army patrol later disperses crowd with live ammunition, wounding 2 more. Settlers attack village during curfew, vandalizing houses, cars [WP 2/2; FJ 2/7]. Crowds throw rocks, bottles and block roads in cities, villages, and camps throughout W. Bank; 3 Palestinians are wounded in Jenin, and 2 are injured by army gunfire in Hebron-region village of Bani Na'im; village is placed under curfew. Violent disturbances are also reported in E. Jerusalem [WP 2/2; FJ 2/7]. Israeli authorities arrest 14 Palestinians during raid of Jerusalem's Thuri quarter [FJ 2/7]. More than 20 are arrested in early morning raid in Nablus [WP 2/2]. Balatah, new and old 'Askar, Duhayshah, Tulkarm, and Am'ari refugee camps and Nablus are under curfew [FJ 2/7]. In Gaza Strip, military imposes curfew on Burayj camp following violent stone-throwing demonstrations; curfew is lifted in Dayr al-Balah camp. Violent clashes are reported in Gaza Strip camps and cities; many Palestinians are injured by army gunfire and beatings [FJ 2/7]. At least 40 Palestinians have been killed since uprising began 12/9 [NYT 2/2].