Tuesday, February 2, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel orders 4 W. Bank universities, 800 secondary and grade schools closed for 1 month [WP, NYT 2/3]. Commercial strike continues in occupied territories [FJ 2/7]. Settlers attack al-'Azzah camp in Bethlehem, clash with residents [FJ 2/7]. 'Izz al-Din al-'Aryan, sec. of Red Crescent Society in occupied territories, is served 3-month administrative detention order [FJ 2/7].

Arab World: Reports indicate Jordan's King Hussein has reservations about new U.S. proposal to restart peace negotiations because proposal contains "nothing new" [WP 2/2; NYT 2/3].

Other Countries: In Athens, PLO officials announce plan to charter ship, return Palestinian deportees to Israel [NYT 2/3]. U.S. officials state new peace proposal includes U.S. -mediated Israeli-Jordanian negotiations by September to achieve limited Palestinian self-rule in W. Bank and Gaza Strip and direct negotiations in December to reach final settlement on territories [WP 2/3]. In New York, U.S. veto defeats UN Security Council resolution demanding Israel abide by terms of 4th Geneva Convention and calling for international conference on Arab-Israeli dispute [FJ 2/7].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Curfew remains in force in Nablus, village of 'Anabta, old and new 'Askar camps, 'Ayn Bayt al-Ma', Tulkarm, Jalazun, Bani Na'im, village of Hibla near Qalqiliyyah, and Gaza's Burayj camp. Jabalya remains a closed military area [NYT 2/3; FJ 2/71. Palestine Press Service reports Palestinian is shot, wounded in Tulkarm clash with IDF; 20 are beaten by soldiers in Hibla demonstration. Hibla, Tulkarm refugee camp, and 8 other towns and camps are placed under curfew. [WP 2/3].