Wednesday, February 10, 1988


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: After separate meetings with U.S. envoy Richard Murphy, P. M. Shamir expresses "deep reservations" about U.S. ideas for new peace negotiations; F. M. Peres says U.S. plan is welcome [NYT, WP 2/11]. Gazan shot 1/5 dies in Israeli hospital [WP 2/11; FJ 2/14]. Tire-burning, rock-throwing demonstrations continue in E. Jerusalem [NYT 2/11]. In Netanya, 2 Jewish settlers accused of shooting to death a W. Bank Palestinian are released on bail [NYT 2/11]. Unified National Command of the Uprising issues statement rejecting Egyptian Pres. Mubarak's peace initiative [FJ 2/14]. Police arrest 7 residents of Taybah, town inside green line, for participating in protest against Israeli measures in occupied territories [FJ 2/14].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Nablus, 2 Palestinians are killed by army gunfire. Clashes are reported in Gaza Strip's Beach camp [WP 2/11]. Military lifts 10-day-old curfew on Nablus and 4-day-old curfew on Shu'fat camp in E. Jerusalem [NYT 2/11]. Curfews are also lifted for 'A'idah, Balatah, new and old 'Askar, Beach, and Burayj camps and village of Bani Na'im. Curfews continue in Qalqiliyyah, Tulkarm, Bayt 'Ur al-Tahta, and Bayt Ummar. Jericho is placed under siege. Demonstrators throw stones, burn tires in Nablus, Silwan, Beach camp, Dayr al-Balah, Burayj camp, Rafah, and E. Jerusalem [FJ 2/14].