Monday, February 15, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Bidya and Kafr Haris villages, settlers uproot 30 olive trees [FJ 2/21].

Other Countries: Explosion in Limassol, Cyprus seriously damages Sol Phryne (dubbed 'Awdah), Cypriot ferry chartered by PLO to carry 131 Palestinian deportees to Haifa. Caller allegedly from Jewish Defense League claims responsibility [WP, NYT 2/16]. Israeli P. M. Shamir meets with Italian Jewish leaders during 3-day visit to Rome [NYT 2/16].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Army announces arrest of 2 soldiers on charges of burying 4 Palestinians alive 2/5 [WP, NYT 2/16]. Police raid E. Jerusalem's Sur Bahir neighborhood after violent demonstrations there; close to 40 Palestinians are arrested in Jerusalem crackdowns [WP 2/16]. Soldiers arrest at least 18 in Abu Dis following demonstration, impose curfew on village [NYT 2/16; FJ 2/21]. Curfews remain in force in Bayt 'Ur al-Tahta, Jalazun camp, Bayt Ummar, Dayr al-Balah camp, and Beach camp; 2-week-old curfew on 'Anabta village is lifted [FJ 2/21]. Scattered demonstrations are reported in W. Bank and Gaza Strip cities, towns, and camps [FJ 2/21].