Sunday, October 18, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Group of 9 Palestinian W. Bank and Gaza Strip leaders refuses to meet with U.S. Sec. of State Shultz in Israel [LAT 10/19]. Shultz concludes 3 days of talks with P. M. Shamir and F. M. Peres [WP 10/19]. One of 4 Gazans shot by Israeli border guards 10/17 says guards opened fire after car stopped [FJ 10/25]. Palestinian youth is shot in leg by guard at Egged bus stop [FJ 10/25]. In Kisan, 2 Palestinian houses are demolished; house in al-Sawahrah al-Sharqiyyah is also bulldozed [FJ 10/25]. Body of Misbah al-Suri, Gaza resident killed 10/1 by IDF soldiers, is delivered to family for burial [FJ 10/25].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers raid Jabaliyyah refugee camp school to break up demonstration; 1 student is injured [FJ 10/25]. Troops use tear gas and live ammunition to disperse demonstration at Islamic University in Gaza [FJ 10/25]. In the W. Bank, 1 Palestinian is wounded when IDF soldiers clash with demonstrators at Jenin refugee camp; 3 other Palestinians are shot, wounded in Nablus [FJ 10/25]. Israeli troops teargas anti-Israel demonstrators at Arab College of Nursing in al-Birah. School administration closes college for 2 days [FJ 10/25].