Monday, May 25, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Pres. Herzog and other government officials call for investigation of Shin Bet interrogation methods in wake of High Court ruling that it used illegal means to obtain confession from 'Izzat Nafsu [LAT 5/26; WP 5/27]. Fateh's Force 17 claims responsibility for slaying Jalil Garusi, an Israeli shot in Gaza Strip while picking up Palestinian women workers; Force 17 alleges Garusi was Mossad agent. Members of Kach movement later attack Arab workers in nearby town; 2 are injured [FJ 5/31]. Ahmad Nasr, during hearing before Israeli Military Objections Com. at 'Asqalan Prison, withdraws his appeal against expulsion order [FJ 5/31]. In Haifa, more than 2,000 Arab and Jewish students protest Israeli government's decision to charge students who have not served in the Israeli army higher tuition [FJ 5/31]. Palestinian political prisoners in Junayd Prison protest failure to improve conditions [FJ 5/31].

Other Countries: Norway accuses Israel of refusing to permit inspection by International Atomic Energy Agency of heavy water sold to Israel by Norway under 1959 agreement; Norway is concerned that Israel is using the heavy water to produce nuclear weapons [NYT 5/26]. Middle East sources report W. Germany is increasing efforts to reach deal that would free 2 W. German businessmen in exchange for not extraditing Muhammad and 'Abbas Hamadi [WP 5/26].