Sunday, June 7, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Settler violence in Dahayshah camp continues; Israeli soldiers disperse settlers and Palestinians with tear gas and live ammunition; 6 settlers are arrested; curfew is imposed on camp. Military breaks up protest at Askar refugee camp and imposes curfew. Estimated 1,500 students gather at Islamic University in Gaza to protest 20 years of occupation [BG 6/8]. Israeli cabinet approves nomination of Moshe Arad as new ambassador to U.S. [WP, CSM 6/8].

Military Action

Arab World: Israeli and SLA forces clash with Amal and Hizballah fighters in Biqa' Valley; at least 3 Lebanese are killed. In separate incident, Israeli soldier is killed, 2 wounded by bomb in town of Taybah, 3 miles north of security zone [WP 6/8].