Monday, June 8, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli military arrests 13 settlers in connection with rampage through Dahayshah camp 6/6 [WP 6/9]. Reports indicate Israeli government has told 4 Israelis to ignore U.S. subpoenas and cancel any travel to U.S. [BG 6/9]. Landowners from Bethlehem-area villages of Sawahirah and 'Ubaydiyyah, who are facing confiscationf land Israeli authorities claim to have bought, are granted 1 month to file objections [FJ 6/14]. Palestinian prisoners atJunayd and Jenin prisons hold 1-day strike to protest failure of prison administration to improve conditions [FJ 6/14]. MK Meir Kahane is barred from participating in Knesset activities after he refuses to take pledge of allegiance to Israel [NYT 6/9].

Arab World: Reports indicate Sudanese government has approved establishment of PLO-run university in Khartum [FJ 6/14].

Military Action

Arab World: Brief battle between Palestinian and Amal forces around Rashidiyyah refugee camp in S. Lebanon is first between the 2 groups in over 3 months [FJ 6/14].