Wednesday, July 1, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: The Jerusalem Post reports Palestinian doctor has confirmed allegation by Na'ilah 'Ayish that she was pregnant athe time of her arrest in February 1987 and miscarried after being tortured by Shin Bet interrogators; Israeli police will submit results of internal investigation of the case to attorney general's office [FJ 7/5]. In Tel Aviv, group of Israelis attacks 4 Palestinian workers and their Jewish employer twice in 24 hours [FJ 7/5]. Israeli military authorities order 30 bedouin families in Rafah to vacate the area within 6 days [FJ 7/5]. MK Meir Kahane's voting privileges are restored after he takes oath of allegiance to Israel [WP, NYT 7/2]. Israelis seal off 40 Gaza Strip stores alleging they were not keeping proper accounts [FJ 7/5].

Arab World: PLO Executive Com. member Muhammad 'Abbas and Tal'at Ya'qub announce reunification of Palestine Liberation Front [FJ 7/12].

Other Countries: U.S. Sec. of Defense Weinberger meets with Israeli Defense Minister Rabin to discuss future of Lavi jet fighter and U.S. aid [NYT 7/2].